Al-Badr was established in 2007. This is not officially an orphanage! These are our students who were destitute children whom we felt obliged to look after. We call it “the home”

Our children reside at “the home” in extension 11 on Bramaputra Street. There are 26 Residents aged from 5 to 14 year’s old, living with four caretakers. Primarily these children hail from the informal settlement in which we have outreach Madaaris. We found these children in desperate want. Some without Parents, others without homes, and all of whom without food and clothes. We felt obliged to help them. Hence, the Al-Badr home was born.


Our long term goal is to empower these highly potential beings whom Allah has allowed us to interact with. Students who are academically inclined in the secular sphere are encouraged in that direction, while those who are Islaamically inclined are motivated accordingly.

Our Aim

To enhance tomorrow’s generation in order to ensure that society will be a better place for everyone. These children may not have been born in Muslim homes, but we endeavour to help as many as possible, providing them with the opportunity they might have never had, and unlock potential they might have never realised. These children come from Vlakfontein and other areas outside Lenasia, where we started outreach efforts after inception of our umbrella institute, Madrasah Ihyaa id-Deen.