Madrasah Ihyaa Id-Deen

The most important objective of our institution is the revival of complete Deen in the whole of mankind until the day of Qiyaamah. Tarbiyah and Islaamic nurturing are always of utmost importance. In the Haafith and Haafithah section, our intention is to implement the highest level of tajweed and quality of Quraan with the correct Islaamic nurturing. In the Aalim section we are inspired to create true scholars and servants of Deen, who are imbued with the sifaat (noble attributes) of nubuwwat.

In the kindergarten section, we endeavour to instil the basics of Islam in these little children from the age of 3 years old.

In the “Al-Badr home for underprivileged children” our target is to nurture these previously destitute children as our own, instilling within them the highest of morals, and to empower them with the opportunity to become the best version of themselves.

In the informal settlements of Vlakfontein, Thembelihle, Lehae and in Eldorado Park, our aim is to impart and empower the local people with the highest level of practical Islam.

Our institute caters for children who live in informal settlements who have never been exposed to Islaam or Muslims except from a distance. The majority of our students are reverts to Islaam. We do not only provide Islaamic education, but feed these children and clothe them as well. Throughout the year, we endeavour to assist as many families as we can with groceries, blankets and other basic necessities that many people may take for granted. Very importantly, we run empowerment programs to uplift individuals and the community at large. These are the main branches of our institute. We require assistance on an ongoing basis. Your help in this regard is highly appreciated.